Instrumentation systems

Measurement Systems

Products offered are for level measurement of liquids, slurries and solids.Remote, Integral and smart units are available. The switch series uses acoustic wave technology for chute detection, heavy machinery detection and as point level switch.

Low frequency sonars are used to measure and control Waste water clarifiers and Thickeners. Vibration smart switches are used for level detection, low level alarms for presence/absence of materials. Flow measurement and Anti-collision systems are offered.
Customers: Oil & Gas , Industrial

Control Valves

We offer Process Control solutions to optimize the plant performance with our best range of Control valves.

Prime products offered are Globe CV, Eccentric Plug Valve, V-notch,Trunnion Ball valve, Butterfly Control valve and Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve.With many years of experience in design and manufacture of CV for arduous applications, our valves can easily meet today’s challenges.

Customers: Oil & Gas , Industrial